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Hodesh Tov - Iyar

"Reconsidering and Reclaiming Experiential Education"

by Jeffrey Kress, associate professor and area coordinator of Jewish Education, and academic director of the Experiential Learning Initiative at the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary


Hodesh Tov - Nisan

"New Insights from the Mishnah"

by Judith Hauptman, E. Billi Ivry Professor of Talmud and Rabbinic Culture at The Jewish Theological Seminary


Hodesh Tov - Adar

"NLP: Taking on the Emotional Challenges of the Rabbinic Profession"

by Shlomo Tucker, dean, Schechter Rabbinical Seminary


Hodesh Tov - Sh’vat

"How to Create a Holocaust Memorial Museum"

by Michael Berenbaum, director of the Sigi Ziering Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Ethics, and Professor of Jewish Studies at the American Jewish University


Hodesh Tov - Tevet

"A Second Look at Judaism and the Environment"

by Eliezer Diamond, Rabbi Judah Nadich Associate Professor of Talmud and Rabbinics, The Jewish Theological Seminary


Hodesh Tov - Kislev

"The Yetzer Ha-tov in Rabbinic Thought"

by Moshe Benovitz, Professor of Talmud and Rabbinics, Schechter Institute


Hodesh Tov - Heshvan

"The Torah of Human Rights"

by Shaiya Rothberg, Teacher in Bible and Jewish Thought, Conservative Yeshiva


Hodesh Tov - Tishrei

"The Rise of the Babylonian Rabbinic Academy: A Reconsideration of the Evidence"

by Jeffrey Rubenstein, Skirball Professor of Talmud and Rabbinics, New York University


Hodesh Tov - Elul

"Prayerbook Commentaries"

by Reuven Hammer, founding director, Schechter Institute; past president, Rabbinical Assembly



"Prophet of a New Paradigm: What the Ba'al Shem Tov's Pillar Prayer Can Teach the Children of Abraham Today"

by Aubrey Glazer, Jewish Community Center of Harrison